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Let Our Team Represent You in a Wrongful Death Case

Losing a loved one is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. But when your loved one is taken from you unexpectedly due to the negligence of another person, the death can be even harder to deal with. Not to mention you now have final hospital bills to pay and funeral costs. This can place a significant burden on you and the rest of your family. Becker Law Group is here to represent you and bring a wrongful death suit in Alhambra and Pasadena, CA against the responsible party to help you get appropriate compensation. Please reach out to us today to discuss your case or to schedule a consultation.

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Types of Wrongful Death Cases

There are many ways in which a person may be fatally injured due to the negligence of another individual or corporation. No matter the cause of death, our team can represent you. We will gather all the information and evidence needed to build a strong case in your favor. Our lead lawyer has many years of trial experience, so you can count on him to navigate this complicated process with professionalism. We can take on many types of wrongful death cases, including:

Defective Products

Manufacturers of all products are responsible for ensuring their products are safe for use by consumers. If they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for the injuries or deaths caused. This is true of all product manufacturers from pharmaceutical companies and food producers to toy companies and car manufacturers.

Workplace Deaths

All employers must create a safe working environment for their workers and are required to follow the regulations of OSHA. If your loved one died because of unsafe working conditions, their employer must be held responsible. We can help you build a case and present it in court.

Vehicle Accidents

Whether your family member died in a car accident caused by a negligent driver or they were struck by a vehicle while out walking or running, the driver of the car is responsible. We can help you get justice for your lost loved one by holding them accountable.

Reach Out to Us for a Consultation

If you lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person or a corporation, you have the right to hold them accountable by filing a lawsuit requesting compensation. The team at Becker Law Group is here to help you through this process and ensure you get a fair outcome. Please reach out to our team today to set up a consultation where we can discuss your options.

With You Every Step of the Way